Paintings / Sarajevo  

Many years after the Lebanese war started, press and television images of the conflict in former Yugoslavia began to invade Nada Sehnaoui’s life, who at that time lived in Boston. The artist felt that what had ravaged former Yugoslavia was a continuation of the same cycle of turmoil that had destroyed Lebanon. The inhabitants of Sarajevo, similar to those of Beirut, had lost control over their lives and their city. They were confronted with the same destructive devices intended to divide and destroy a city; namely snipers, barrages, militiamen, checkpoints, shelling, shortages of all kinds, and the indifference of the international community towards the situation. Clearly, there was a repetition in the scheme of destruction. Sarajevo is the body of work created by Nada Sehnaoui, with texts written by people besieged in Sarajevo.