Other Works  

The intervention titled "kellon" translated by "All of them" drowns the last page of Al-Akhbar under red paint. The only identifiable word is "kellon" that is repeated between the lines and refers to the popular manifestations of August 2015 due to the ongoing garbage crisis in Lebanon. "All of them" is the only response available to a country in deadlock because of its political elite summoned to resign, "All of them" without exception.

Curated by Amanda Abi Khalil
The Museum in the making initiated by APEAL, with contribution of Temporaty art platform (T.A.P), have commissioned 12 artists to reflect upon the space and the physicality of the newspaper as a space for engagement with the public. On the last Sunday of the month - April, May, June, 2016 - each newspaper printed one artist intervention within their pages.

Published in Al-Akhbar on 25/06/2016 accompanied by a mediation box on the first page of the paper.

See more on: http://www.temporaryartplatform.com/al-akhbar-nada-sehnaoui

Shared Spaces in Times of Crisis was the title of the roving exhibition sponsored by the European Union as part of the Euro-Mediterranean project aimed at exploring themes of memory, shared spaces, and identity. Nada Sehnaoui was commissioned by The Center of Behavioral Studies at the American University of Beirut to create the artwork for the Beirut part of the exhibition, entitled “Memories of Beirut.” Research and field studies were carried out by students of the Center, under the supervision of Professor Samir Khalaf. The exhibition was also held in three other participating cities: Ancona (Italy), Alexandria, and Jerusalem.